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Artist Research Project

The Artist Research Project is designed to produce the most up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge about the representation and conservation of a body of artwork by a single artist or artist collective. Its ambition is to create a valuable, long-term resource about an artist’s work, methods of fabrication and the current state of conservation by leveraging expertise, aggregating collective knowledge and incorporating new systems of information-sharing in a collaborative, intensive and personal setting.

An alternative to the traditional contemporary art symposium, the Artist Research Project is comprised of two major components. The first is a private “think tank” gathering of conservators, art historians, art fabricators and others to discuss the artist’s work and the proper presentation, materials, methods of fabrication, preservation and conservation. The second component is a collaborative crowd-sourcing publication aimed at engaging a larger public to contribute information about specific artworks.

World renowned artist Tony Smith has been chosen as the first artist in this series. On August 1st, we launched the first part of this project with WikiProject Public Art. Get involved with the Tony Smith Wiki Project.